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Proof of Authenticity in Digital Media: SWEAR Launches to Combat the Rise of Deepfakes


BOISE, Idaho, Feb. 1, 2024  Amid growing concerns over digital misinformation and the rise of deepfakes, SWEAR unveiled its groundbreaking technology at CES 2024, garnering interest from global government agencies, technology giants, and mobile communication leaders. This technology provides an unbreakable proof of authenticity for digital media at the point of creation, directly addressing the critical need for trust and integrity in today’s digital content. The launch marks a significant milestone in the battle against digital misinformation and the challenges posed by deepfakes.

Swear’s patented technology was designed to capture and verify authentic digital media effortlessly through a mobile app or integrated into recording devices.

SWEAR addresses a concern that has seized the global digital community: the unchecked spread of deepfakes. In a world where AI-generated synthetic media is both a marvel and a potential tool for misinformation, capable of distorting reality and swaying public opinion, SWEAR offers a much-needed solution. According to a recent study by Europol, by 2026, as much as 90% of online content might be synthetically generated, underscoring the urgent need for trustworthy verification methods.

The rapid proliferation of fake digital content poses serious threats, ranging from national security risks to undermining public trust in institutions. It has fueled conspiracy theories about vaccines and elections, and has deepened political divisions, endangering democracy. Notable recent instances include celebrity deepfakes, like the recent videos of Taylor Swift, political misinformation with a manipulated video of Ukrainian President Zelensky appearing to order his troops to surrender to Russia, and fake videos used to victimize children for sexploitation as reported by the FBI.

SWEAR’s technology creates a secure, tamper-proof proof of authenticity for every pixel and sound byte, responding to the pressing question: In a world inundated with fakes, how do we establish what’s real?

“Our technology isn’t just about defending against the manipulation of digital media. It’s about restoring faith in what we see online,” states Jason Crawforth, CEO of SWEAR. “In a world where seeing is no longer believing, we provide the tools to trust digital content again.”

SWEAR’s technology is drawing global attention as a solution that provides a “record of reality” by locking in the authenticity of the media at the time of recording and offering a new layer of trust in digital interactions. The platform protects and authenticates content digital media from undetectable manipulation.

The SWEAR system maps all visual and audio elements of a recording cryptographically, sealing them with ‘digital DNA fingerprints.’ This pioneering approach not only safeguards the confidentiality of the original content, but also detects alterations, no matter how minor. “Our fight isn’t just against deepfakes. It’s a fight to redefine the standard for truth and digital media authenticity,” Crawforth adds.

The power of SWEAR’s technology also lies in its versatility. Designed to be used with any device that records video with a lens, its potential applications are vast — from mobile phone cameras to surveillance systems and police body cameras. In any scenario where the authenticity of video footage is crucial, the SWEAR framework offers a reliable solution. SWEAR’s ultimate vision is to integrate its proof of authenticity technology into every lens worldwide, establishing a new standard in digital media where the authenticity of every video, regardless of its source, can be verified and trusted.

SWEAR is set to release its first commercial application — a mobile app currently in private release, with a public launch anticipated by the end of Q1 2024. This app represents a significant step in making SWEAR’s authenticity technology accessible, providing users with the tools to create verifiable digital video recordings.

As the world grapples with the escalating challenges posed by deepfakes, SWEAR stands out as the only solution approaching the problem proactively at the time of creation versus playing a cat-and-mouse game of detection. With deepfake technology rapidly advancing, blurring the lines between truth and fiction, SWEAR’s emergence is timely. With its innovative approach and a team of industry veterans at the helm, SWEAR is set to become a key player in the fight for digital truth in an age of digital deception.


SWEAR was founded with a mission to safeguard the truth from manipulation. Its core vision is to protect every digital asset globally, at the point of creation and in real-time. Specializing in countering AI-generated deepfakes and ensuring the authenticity of digital media, SWEAR employs advanced steganographic techniques and blockchain technology. Its platform secures the chain of custody for digital recordings from inception to end-use. SWEAR’s multi-patented technology platform creates an immutable record of authenticity and detects even the slightest manipulations down to a single pixel. Featuring digital DNA fingerprints, its system reliably verifies media integrity, exposes alterations, and preserves the confidentiality of the original content. Indispensable in journalism, legal proceedings, and content creation, SWEAR is committed to maintaining truth in digital media. Learn more at Swear.com

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