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How does Swear work?

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Swear protects digital assets in real-time by mapping and fingerprinting every frame, pixel, and sound bite, while simultaneously watermarking nearly 100 dimensions of attribution data into each second of a recording. Swear then uses the fingerprints and watermarks to construct digital DNA that is permanently secured in a blockchain system. This all happens during recording, not after. The actual recording never leaves your device; only the digital DNA is stored in the blockchain.

When it comes time to verify the authenticity of a recording, Swear examines a digital recording by recreating the digital DNA and comparing the fingerprints and watermarks against the original recording’s DNA stored in the blockchain network. If a single pixel has been modified or a sub-second of sound changed or any of the dimensions of attribution data manipulated, Swear will flag that portion of the recording as inauthentic.


How accurate is Swear?

Swear can detect changes in a single pixel, a sub-second of sound, or any alterations in watermarked attribution data points.


What is the “Confidence Score”?

The Confidence Score is a summary of a frame-by-frame and second-by-second evaluation of a recording. The Confidence Score is comprised of an examination of four categories: 1) WHAT was recorded (visual elements and audio aspects), 2) HOW it was recorded (~100 dimensions of attribution data), 3) WHERE the recording occurred, and 4) WHEN the recording was created. The formula for the Swear Confidence Score is:

40% – Visual Accuracy
20% – Audio Accuracy
20% – Metadata Accuracy
10% – GPS/Location Accuracy
10% – Time Accuracy

Here is an example Confidence Score of a video a 1-minute video (1,800 frames) that has 6 seconds (180 frames) with changed visual elements and 10 seconds (300 frames) with a weak GPS signal:

40% * (1620/1800 frames) = 36% : Visual
20% * (1800/1800 frames) = 20% : Audio
20% * (1800/1800 frames) = 20% : Metadata
10% * (1500/1800 frames) = 08% : Location
10% * (1800/1800 frames) = 10% : Time
Confidence Score = 94%


It appears that location and time are important in the Confidence Score. Why?

Swear believes that protecting what, where, when, and how a recording is created proves its authenticity. For instance, if someone turns off their GPS, and we don’t know where a recording occurs, we believe viewers should be informed. Swear also doesn’t use the device’s time to validate the time, the Swear system uses the world clock to time stamp the recording. So, if the recording device isn’t connected to the internet, we technically don’t know when a recording occurred, so we inform viewers of the time challenge.


Why do you not put weight in anonymous VS non-anonymous recordings?

Although knowing WHO recorded something is helpful, we identified many environments where the person recording the system may need to remain anonymous for their protection.


If a confidence score is less than 100%, should I not trust the recording?

Examine the reason behind a Confidence Score less than 100%. It could be due to temporary GPS loss or other factors. However, non-100% Confidence Scores might indicate edits or manipulation in the recording.


When is my recording actually protected?

Your recording is protected in real-time during recording, not after. If you are four minutes into creating a recording, the prior three minutes and 59 seconds are already fingerprinted and protected within blockchain.


How do I know a video is protected?

Swear doesn’t just tell you a recording is authenticated; it shows you. Every recording is examined frame-by-frame to create a Confidence Score. The Score is recalculated every time you share your recording or publish it on your Swear.com channel.


If someone else sends me a recording, how do I evaluate it to see if it is authenticated?

Upload the media into your Swear app and it will be automatically examined frame-by-frame & and second-by-second.

Data Security & Blockchain

If I delete a recording, do the fingerprints get deleted?

No. The fingerprints are never deleted and are permanently secured in a blockchain network. They become orphaned pieces of data that can’t be used for anything.


What do the fingerprints look like on blockchain?

A typical blockchain record includes only cryptographic fingerprints and a timestamp. Here is an example:

Date/Time: 10/15/2023 10:15:22AM GMT
Visual: 71C077AA00971F1A38616D65C2
Audio: B0D007C9F5AB82EC085B73F91F
Meta:  6AD5A3D1B3F77E951D3ED93CA


How much blockchain data do I transmit during recording?

Very little data is sent to blockchain. Swear can protect an hour’s worth of a recording for less than 2Mb.


Can the Swear fingerprints be used to “recreate” what I recorded?

No. A single second of a recording contains over 10 million pixels. It is not possible to reverse engineer the fingerprints to recreate any aspect of the original recording.


What information does swear collect? Where does that information go?

Swear is fully transparent. Swear collects nearly 100 dimensions of metadata and watermarks all of that data directly into the recording itself. The only data stored independently/remotely are the fingerprints stored in blockchain.

Usage and Compatibility

Can I use swear in my business or organization?

Yes. The Swear platform is designed to be utilized within organizations and across different platforms. If you would like to see how Swear can protect your company’s digital assets, please contact us for a demo.


Does Swear only work on smartphones?

Swear’s framework can work on various platforms that record digital content: digital cameras, security cameras, body cameras, car cameras, voting machines, video conferencing systems, etc.


What is the difference between paid and free versions of the Swear mobile app?

        Free:        Paid:
  • Record unlimited 30-second videos.
  • Publish up to 20 videos on Swear.com
  • Record unlimited 10-minute videos.
  • Publish up to 1000 videos on Swear.com


Can I make recordings anonymously?

Yes. The Swear app allows you to record anonymously. In non-anonymous mode, we do not capture your username, IP address, or device ID.


Does my Swear recording ever leave my device?

Swear protects your recording in place. The recording never leaves your device until you decide to send or share it.


Can I delete my content once it’s uploaded onto my personal Swear page?

Yes, but Swear recordings uploaded to your Swear.com channel can only be used for viewing. They can’t be downloaded back into your app.

Sharing & Viewing Recordings

Can I share a Swear recording?

Yes, you can either privately send it to someone or publish it on your Swear.com channel.


If someone doesn’t have the Swear app, will they be able to watch my recording?

Yes, Swear recordings can be viewed with other media players. However, to verify the recording’s originality and lack of modifications, they will need to use the Swear app for authenticity verification.


If I upload my recording to my Swear.com channel, do other people need to have the Swear app to watch it?

No, all media uploaded to your Swear.com channel can be viewed in any browser.


Can I put Swear recordings on social media platforms?

Yes, you can create a link from Swear.com and post it to social media platforms.

Troubleshooting & Special Cases

I received a recording from someone that was recorded in Swear, but the Confidence Score is 0%. What happened?

Some email systems compress files during sending or receiving. Unfortunately, email systems do not decompress a recording, permanently changing the file. To solve this issue, upload your media to a file-sharing system (i.e., Dropbox) and send a link for others to download.


Can I validate a recording not created by Swear?

All non-Swear-created content will have a Confidence Score of 0%. Swear can’t know if the recording has been modified or manipulated because there were no original digital fingerprints.


Can I publish a Swear recording that was created by someone else?



If two valid recordings are spliced together, does Swear see the whole recording as authentic and original?

No. The first portion of the recording will be considered authentic, but everything after the splice will be considered non-original.

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