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Undetectable video deepfakes are coming and the consequences will be dire.

SWEAR is on a mission to protect the authenticity of all digital content.

License SWEAR for Seamless Integration

Implement SWEAR’s technology within your existing digital ecosystem to:

  • Fortify your content with end-to-end encryption and blockchain validation.
  • Proactively combat misinformation and falsified media.
  • Elevate your brand’s trustworthiness and reliability in the eyes of your audience.
  • Shield your brand’s integrity and reputation from the adverse effects of digital manipulation.

Embed SWEAR for Unparalleled Control

Incorporate SWEAR’s core authentication technology directly into your platforms to gain absolute command over your digital content’s security.

  • Ensure every asset is authenticated from the point of creation.
  • Track your content’s lifecycle with SWEAR’s immutable digital ledger.
  • Provide stakeholders with verifiable proof of your media’s authenticity.

Whitelabel Swear for a Unified Brand Experience

Customize SWEAR’s interface to reflect your organization’s branding, offering a user experience that’s both cohesive and trustworthy.

  • Offer SWEAR’s robust verification as a native feature of your platforms.
  • Enhance customer engagement with a brand-centric verification tool.
  • Reinforce your commitment to transparency and authenticity under your trusted brand.

Partnership Opportunities with SWEAR

Join SWEAR as a strategic partner to redefine media authenticity.

  • Collaborate on new initiatives to shape the future of media verification.
  • Explore co-branding opportunities that showcase mutual commitment to digital truth.
  • Engage in joint marketing efforts to amplify the message of authentic digital media.

Experience SWEAR in Action

Discover how SWEAR can transform your organization’s approach to digital media. Schedule a live demo to see Swear’s robust platform in action:

  • Engage with our expert team to explore SWEAR’s integration into your operations.
  • Discuss customized options tailored to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Have all your questions answered to ensure informed decision-making.

Ready to Secure Your Media with SWEAR?

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