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The SWEAR Digital Video Authenticity Framework

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SWEAR’s patented technology was designed to capture and verify authentic digital media effortlessly. Whether through our bespoke mobile app or integrated into your preferred recording devices, SWEAR’s versatility ensures you can secure authenticity anywhere. We are protecting the truth, pixel by pixel.

How SWEAR Works


With SWEAR, every video is an opportunity to anchor the truth. Accessible via our app or integrated with your systems–from body cams to security systems–SWEAR is your partner in creating content with confidence.

As you capture media, SWEAR gathers a multidimensional set of authentication data, crafting a comprehensive story of the media’s origin—its when, where, and how. SWEAR natively collects nearly 100 unique data points, from time and location to system specifics and user credentials.

This data isn’t just recorded; it’s embedded invisibly within the media, transforming each piece into a self-contained proof of authenticity, carrying its verifiable history wherever it travels.


In the act of recording, SWEAR is actively encoding cryptographic fingerprints, a digital DNA, for every pixel, frame and sound byte of your video. This digital DNA is as intricate and distinctive as its biological counterpart, detailing the content’s unique attributes.

Our cryptographic hash functions provide unique individuality, ensuring no two pieces of content can ever be indistinguishably similar. As each fingerprint is created, it’s embedded into a decentralized blockchain ledger—an unbreakable protection against tampering, safeguarding the provenance of your content.


When digital media circulates, SWEAR stands as the arbiter of authenticity. It scrutinizes the content, flagging any discrepancies or manipulations with crystal-clear transparency.

Each viewing triggers a re-creation of the media’s unique digital DNA, which SWEAR then cross-references with the original fingerprint secured on the blockchain. Every soundbite, every pixel, is accounted for. Disparities? SWEAR reveals them, assigning a “confidence score” to communicate the extent of any alterations.

With SWEAR, the integrity of your media isn’t just claimed—it’s visibly, demonstrably certified.

Our Intellectual Property

SWEAR is at the leading edge of proactive protection and deepfake detection. The following patents represent key innovations, at various points in the process, that make SWEAR work.

U.S. Patent #10,348,505Systems and techniques for validation of trusted media
U.S. Patent #10,355,865 Systems and techniques for certification of trusted media
U.S. Patent #10,560,261 Systems and techniques for capture of trusted media
U.S. Patent #10,853,456Authenticating media data based on steganographic and blockchain techniques
U.S. Patent #11,055,384Certifying media data based on steganographic and blockchain
U.S. Patent #11,163,855Validating media data based on steganographic and blockchain
U.S. Patent #11,659,598Authenticating media data based upon metadata encoding
U.S. Patent #11,683,180Protecting digital media with nested hashing techniques
U.S. Patent #11,755,693Authentication of encrypted media based upon immutable ledger
U.S. Patent #11,886,544Authentication of compressed media data based upon immutable ledgers
U.S. Patent #11,941,090Encoding alteration media data within media data
Additional patents pending

Why Blockchain?

The blockchain concept gained prominence alongside the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies starting in 2009. Cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain to maintain decentralized ledgers to record transitions without interference from third parties (i.e., humans and human-controlled entities).

Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain is excellent at protecting and preserving important data. The distributed structure and redundant nature of these linked “blocks” of information make the data stored in the blockchain immutable—it cannot be changed.