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Protect your surveillance footage with SWEAR Secure, the cutting-edge solution designed to secure and verify digital content in real-time.


  • SWEAR’s technology runs at the camera level or at the video management systems (VMS).
  • Web3.0 Blockchain secures the fingerprints, establishing an immutable chain-of-custody.
  • Digital media authenticity verified continuously and in real-time. 
  • Pixel-level precision – identification of media manipulation at the pixel level.
  • Integrates into existing surveillance systems.


  • Operates as a real-time VMS service 
  • Supported formats: D1, 960H, HD-SDI, AHD,
    HD-TVI, HD-CVI, IP, 4k
  • Codecs: H.264, AVI, AVCHD H.265 (HVEC)
  • Compatible with DVR and NVR

Why Choose SWEAR Secure?

Ensure Every Frame is Authentic 

SWEAR Secure uses advanced Digital DNA and blockchain technology to guarantee that your video surveillance footage is tamper-proof. Each frame and sound byte is meticulously protected and verified, ensuring that your recordings remain genuine and unaltered.

Instant Verification 

Unlike traditional methods that attempt to detect manipulation after the fact, SWEAR Secure provides real-time verification. This ensures that every second of your footage is protected from the moment of capture, providing an unbroken chain of custody.

Easy to Implement 

SWEAR Secure seamlessly integrates with your existing surveillance systems, whether they are IP cameras, traditional CCTV setups, or network video recorders. Our comprehensive SDKs and APIs ensure a smooth and efficient integration process.

SWEAR Secure Protects Your Surveillance Footage

Secure Every Pixel and Sound Byte 

During recording, SWEAR Secure embeds a unique Digital DNA into each frame of your video. This process ensures that every detail, down to a single pixel, is protected against tampering.

Immutable Blockchain Ledger 

The Digital DNA is preserved in an independent and immutable blockchain ledger. This decentralized approach provides an unbreakable chain of custody, ensuring the integrity of your footage.

On-Demand Proof of Authenticity 

SWEAR Secure provides proof of authenticity on demand. When needed, the system verifies your video footage by comparing the current Digital DNA with the original, detecting and flagging any attempts to alter the content.

Applications of SWEAR Secure

Enhance Corporate Surveillance 

Protect your business premises with confidence. SWEAR Secure ensures that all surveillance footage is verifiable and tamper-proof, safeguarding against internal and external threats.

Support Legal Investigations 

Ensure that evidence collected through surveillance is admissible in court. SWEAR Intelligence provides an unbreakable chain of custody, critical for legal proceedings and investigations.

Protect Public Spaces 

From airports to city centers, SWEAR Secure helps maintain the safety and security of public areas by ensuring that surveillance footage is reliable and authentic.

Award-Winning Technology

SIA New Products Solutions Award Winner

SWEAR was recognized by the Security Industry Association (SIA) as an awardee at the 2024 SIA New Products and Solutions (NPS) Awards, the flagship awards program presented in partnership with ISC West recognizing innovative security products, services and solutions. 

Protect Your Surveillance Footage with SWEAR Secure

Protect what matters most with SWEAR Secure. Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge technology can enhance your video surveillance systems.