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At Swear, we’re committed to reshaping the landscape of digital media, ensuring that every pixel and soundwave remains as intended – authentic and unaltered. Here, journalists and media professionals can find all the necessary resources to understand and share our mission of safeguarding digital integrity.

Company Information

At Swear, our mission is clear: safeguard the authenticity of digital media to foster a transparent global information ecosystem. Our unique blend of steganography and blockchain technology forms an unbreakable defense against forgeries. Every creation secured by our multi-patented technology is protected with immutable, cryptographic watermarks, guaranteeing its originality. This process not only defends against tampering but also provides an irrefutable record of the truth that restores confidence in the digital media landscape. Swear’s vision is to maintain the core of truth in our digital stories—at every lens–one authentic piece at a time.

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Download our comprehensive media kit for a closer look at Swear’s mission, technology, and the team behind the innovation. The kit includes high-resolution images, executive bios, boilerplates, and more to assist in your coverage of Swear.


For press inquiries, please contact our media relations team at media@swear.com. We are available to provide additional information, arrange interviews with our executives, and address any questions you may have about Swear.

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