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SWEAR Launches Revolutionary App in the Fight Against Deepfakes

Boise, ID – April 2, 2024 — SWEAR, a leader in digital media authentication, announced the launch of its groundbreaking app on the Apple App Store. Rooted in over seven years of pioneering research and secured by multiple patents, the app was recently showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and South by Southwest (SXSW), drawing acclaim from global tech enthusiasts and government representatives.

SWEAR’s cutting-edge technology merges digital media with Web3.0 blockchain, in real-time, to create cryptographic watermarks into every piece of media captured through its app, creating a verifiable “record of reality.” This approach ensures that each recording carries an unalterable proof of authenticity, distinguishing SWEAR’s preventative method from traditional reactive solutions.

“Launching the SWEAR app is more than just a milestone for us; it’s an important first step in securing the truth in digital media,” said Jason Crawforth, CEO of SWEAR. “In the dis-information age, where truth is constantly under assault, SWEAR’s technology offers an unbreakable defense, ensuring the integrity of digital content from the moment of creation. Our technology isn’t just innovative—it’s necessary for anyone looking to secure the truth in the content they create and share.”


Key Features of the SWEAR App Include:

  • Real-time Watermarking: Harnessing advanced steganography, hashing, and blockchain technology, SWEAR imprints an unbreakable cryptographic watermark into every pixel and sound bite, directly at the moment of creation.
  • Blockchain Verification: Employs an independent blockchain ledger, ensuring privacy and providing an immutable proof of authenticity.
  • User-centric Control: Places control firmly in users’ hands, ensuring that the privacy and authenticity of their content are uncompromised.

SWEAR not only provides essential services for individual users but is also an indispensable tool for journalists, legal professionals, and content creators, offering a solid defense against the ever-growing threat of synthetic media. Following the release of the SWEAR Mobile App, the company is gearing up for the launch of its first enterprise application, expected in mid-2024, to broaden its technology’s reach.

To download the app and begin safeguarding your digital content for free, visit the Apple App Store or www.swear.com/app-download.



SWEAR is at the forefront of digital media protection technology. With a mission to protect and preserve the authenticity of digital media, SWEAR’s innovative platform offers real-time, unbreakable protection for digital content, ensuring its integrity from creation to consumption. SWEAR’s vision is to become the global gold standard in digital media protection and authenticity. For more information, visit SWEAR.com.


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